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Saithkar - Minister For Apocalyptic Affairs

Very important, please read - especially if you live in the United States

There is so much idiocy in this world, on this we all agree. While it is fun to laugh at morons and their bizarre antics, there also comes a time when ignorance becomes dangerous. There are many bad ideas in this world that are causing harm even as I type, but the one that is responsible for more ills than all others is religion.

A recent poll revealed that just 13% of Americans believe that humans evolved through Darwinian evolution WITHOUT being guided by the hand of god. This is nothing less than an intellectual crisis, where a majority of citizens of the world's major superpower are stupid and gullible as to believe rubbish like that.

Against such a mountain of misinformation, we can but try to re-dress some of the balance with fact, logic and clear thinking. I this spirit, I request that everyone please consider this entry of mine and if possible spread the word to anyone you might know of a religious persuasion.

The world cannot be allowed to slip backward into a new dark age.
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