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Dedicated to the downfall of all that is emo

Fuck you and your glasses, faggot!

Emo is fucking gay and for faggots.
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Since the dawn of time, a great tribe of Lords and Valkyries have lived in a fortress, atop a mountain, in the northernmost part of the galaxy. There, steel was the law and only beer, mead and grim glacial snowmelt was drunk. Great were the warriors who waged ceaseless war against the treacherous agents of false metal, and minstrels falsettoed of their might in many epic sagas. And with much drinking, windmilling and soloing, did their reign continue.

But one majestic dawn, an insidious influence began to creep into the lives of these metal warriors. Like a miasma from the colon of the last leper in Hell, this evil slowly, but surely made it’s presence felt.

A party of Valkyries, eager for their home to be rid of such filth, confronted this evil in an underground cavern at the base of the fortress. But when they first glimpsed what it was they were up against, even the brave Valkyries recoiled in horror. The sight that cursed their fair countenances was the antithesis of everything the tribe stood for – insipid, short haired males who cried and talked about their feelings rather than solving their quarrels with steel. And even worse were the females of this subspecies, overweight, badly dressed and so stupid they actually enjoyed sobbing about their pathetic lives! In a righteous fury the Valkyries slaughtered all that they could find and then winged off to report to the rest of the tribe what they had discovered of these mutants who dubbed themselves “emo”.

The great Metal Lord himself, sitting atop his throne of iron, stroked his Abbath-style beard as the warriors below discussed their battle plans, and great was his voice when he pronounced for all to hear “EMO IS FUCKING GAY!”


Created by the badassed blodbegjear

This community is for everything from general ranting about emo music, emo culture, emo kids, emo everything. Not just pointless, random, and hilarious pwning, but also to intelligent discussion (this exists, I swear!) about how detrimental to our health and society emo music and the emo state of mind really is.

The community isn't serious at all, but if you are too much of a retard, nazi, you shit on Metal, or are a douchebag in general, you will be BAND ON CITE LOL.

Post your rants, pwns, parodies, satire, hates, bitching, funny stories, etc here for all to bask in like the glorious rays of the Winter Moon upon the frozen and frostbitten kvlt tundra of the great and magnificent Norwegian forests!

Creator and Chief Rebel Angel - losfer

Additional Mods / Deadly Sinners - saithkar, myau, troll_lady, invertedcross, degolas and a_kohryuu. And yes, due to a proliferation of retards we DO need this many mods. Sad eh?

Affiliated Communities - theendoffaith & l_j_ist_krieg

Official emoisfuckinggay IRC chat: Network: irc.p2pchat.net, Port: 6667, Channel: #emoisfuckinggay. Created and governed by invertedcross. IMPORTANT: For those who may need assistence setting up IRC, please read this entry as it should tell you everything you need.
all screamo bands imploding, all things necro, anti-at the drive in, anti-emo, anything non-emo, axes & honour, banning hair gel, banning plaid, beating emo fucks, being aggressive, being kvlt, black metal, blastbeats, breaking thick glasses, brutality, burning non-metal hoodies, burning sweater vests, crusading against radiohead, crushing weakness, cutting them properly, dashboard confessional all burning, dead emo kids, death metal, defecating on emo, doom metal, eating vegetarians, emo bashing, emo cleansing, emo corpse hammerblow, emo kid rape, emo kid vivisection, emocide, enlightened debate, exorcising evil emo spirits, firebombing hot topic, flaming, fucking awesome music, garroting whiny vocalists, gay killswitch shirts, genuine originality, get up kids dying, goats eating emo kids, grimness 24-7, grind not emo, hating anything rap related, hating deathcab for cutie, hating emo, hating good charlotte, humiliating emo kids, intelligent discussion, intelligent music, keeping it true, killing scenesters, laughing at emo kids, making emo kids cry, metal, metalheads, modest mouse all drowning, mxpx being decapitated, non gay fucking music, non-weak power chords, not crying, not emo, offending cry-babies, owning and pwning, philosophy, positive hatred, power metal, powerful power chords, prog metal, random violence, raping emo kids, sacrificing afi to satan, setting emo kids ablaze, sex drugs and steel, shitting on parakeet hair, slagging emo faggots, slaughtering the weak, snapping wallet chains, spikes and leather, strong lyrics, the metal lifestyle, thom yorke dying, thought provoking maleficence, thrash metal, thrice being disemboweled, thursday being violently impaled, torturing emo kids, traditional metal, trolling, true metal, using distortion properly, viking metal, wielding the steel, woolly scarf strangulations