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Encyclopedia Dramatica is teh win

After all this time...

I think the moral of the story here is that emos like to cut themselves. Only a pity they can't do it properly as Melbourne is STILL infested with these fucking gutter rats. For fuck's sake, I thought they'd be over this shit by now, haven't they heard that like them, trends are supposed to die after a while?
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Haha. I resent the inclusion of Pabst Blue Ribbon on hipster bingo, though, dammit.

I'm so sorry to hear about Melbourne. Seriously, it's been like, I dunno, a few years. Ugh, what if emo actually becomes a legitimately recognized subculture, like punk or metal, and 10 years from now we have 30-year-old emos arguing about how the new emo has lost the spirit of the old stuff, or something? Ahhh I'm going to have nightmares now!
What beer is that? If it's American it's bound to be shit.

ARGH I know, it's fucking terrible. I mean some of these kids are in their 20s now, and they should realise that emo is not legit, and it is just a fad based on shit music and worse fashion that should have been strangled at birth. I blame for a lot of this, for giving these retards a way to communicate, and also for shit bands to promote their shit music. And I don't even want to think of that horrid vision of the future you mentioned, that's worse than 1984....
Well, PBR is probably the best cheap American beer. Though when I can afford it, yeah, anything but American. Except Mexican. Mexican beer sucks.
My mates and I try only to drink Easter European beer, peferrably one that's brewed in a castle ;P
Sounds good.
I think the problem is that guys that dress up as emos are so useless that they don't actually realise the "scene" they're copying. Having been surrounded by 80,000 useless uni cunts in Manchester, I'd say the style is just one of many that they copy, but which will ultimately no longer retain its identity as all they care about is being "indie" and "alternative". Fitting into an actual subculture is a bit too much for trendy people, because they run the risk of being so alternative that they actually alienate themselves from people.

Which is obvious when you go out wearing a band shirt and big crazy boots, you suddenly turn into a child molester. :P
When many identify rebillion identically a scene is born and conformity is all that's left even if all involved are in denial.

And I know what you're talking about with the whole child molester thing, very true....
That's why I dress pretty normally unless I'm going to a concert or something. Not to excuse the stupidity of the general public or anything...
Nuff said.
BAHAHAA Crayons!!!!
Their obsession with cutting is almost like a mental disorder. How can anybody enjoy that?

At my job, I constantly have to use a razor blade to cut open boxes. If you're not too careful and your hand slips, the razor might come your way and cut you.

It happened to a huge section of one of my friends' arms while he was boxcutting. He had to get tons of stitches. I sliced two of my fingers by accident when boxcutting, and that shit hurt. I knicked off a part of a finger tip in the process. It is an unforgettable and shitty kind of pain, and I hope it never happens again. The danger is always there when you have to use them for boxcutting and even the most careful guy can sometimes fuck up and slice something off. Anybody who has to use razors at their jobs can tell you they get a little nervous when they have to use one.

It just shows how sub-human emos are for actually enjoying the pain of razors, when most people are usually very cautious about such an item when they have to use one. Anybody who actually likes that kind of pain should just have their necks slit with a razor ASAP. It is a fucking shitty, shitty, form of pain, and you'd have to be mentally ill to enjoy that shit AND promote it.

Promotion of (1) self-infliction and (2) a dangerous item seems to go against evolution and survival. That's my belief, anyway.
There's books worth of material on the notion of bypassing our natural instinct not to hurt ourselves, anyone who does cut or kill themselves is obviously very fucked up indeed. However I think emos are only really obsessed with the IDEA of suicide/self harm. And by self harm I mean the real deal, not attention seeking snicks on the wrist and foreamrs to show how "emotionally fragile" they are. If they were so nuts on suicide we'd be finding them dead in gutters and hanging from trees every other day, but before we get swept up in that happy vision of a massive emo body count, the reality is they're just posers and fakes who crave attention by rebelling in the most cliched ways.
oh god, my friend has a cabbie hat and a goat-tee. Fuck.
Disown them.
I am a dancer im in pain everyday I dont know how these people can deal with pain.